Postcard Diaries: India



Experience India with me

This is what I do: I write and travel. I see beauty everywhere and live to tell about it one day at a time. I like it most when I can share it with a living, breathing human being. So I decided that I should. This is an invitation for you to receive what I love most to do, and one way for you to support my work in this world.

///Postcard Diaries: India

I will be in India starting December 1. I would love for you to experience it with me :)

  • $16 / 1 Postcard from India sent to you

  • $26 / 1 Photo taken in India inspired by your name

  • $36 / 1 Postcard + 1 Photo (and save a little)

The prices are discounted until Wednesday, November 16
This invitation to India expires Wednesday, November 30.
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Experience India with me

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