What other people say

“I’m now live! THANK YOU for lighting the fire under my booty.”
—Michael H, Personal Development Expert

“When I met Kym I thought she was kind of magical—now I know so.”
—Niem T, Entrepreneur

“Kym is someone remarkable—full of energy, belief in herself, inspiration and sensitivity. This unique combination is rare. After our visits I feel as if the world is endless in its possibilities, that enlightenment truly exists and my place in the world is just right. There is still so much work to be done and important creative invention to be discovered. I thank her so much for this—for infecting me with this sense of endless possibility. It is a true gift she possesses.”
—Carla G, Filmmaker

“Surrounded by heaven-sent people: Kym is a brilliant consultant. A woman who dreams recklessly with her feet grounded in reality.”
—Eugenia L, Poet

“Kym helps me unravel myself a little more everyday. I let myself experience [life] just as she said it should be… I felt like I went on a journey through my heart. It brought me to tears. I’m very thankful. There really isn’t anyone in the world I know who compares to her. Her, to my heart, and so many others who if even just for a moment, can see the world through her eyes.”
—Vu, Musician

“Kym is nothing short of amazing. I’m a rags to riches story. I started out with almost no direction; all I knew was that I loved to write and had a great appreciation for traveling and styling. From there, Kym quickly turned what I had into a beautiful palette tailored to what I intended on conveying to the public, so very truly zeroing in on the essence of ‘me’.”
—Kristin R, Blogger

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