20 Seconds of Insane Courage

“All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it.”

In May, I mustered approximately 17 seconds of insane courage to face the searing pain deep in my bones, crawl to the door and take myself to the hospital. It took 3+ hours door to door, but days later, I was walking again.

In June, I mustered 12 seconds of insane courage to breathe in the fresh air, leap over the bridge with a contraption tied to my waist, feel nothing under my feet, and fly into the abyss. Every time I recall the memory, it gives me the courage to do difficult things.

In November, I mustered 2 seconds of insane courage to push the “Send” button on one of the most important letters I sent this year. Within minutes, I had made my first sales as a writer.

Seven years ago, I mustered 7 seconds of insane courage to commit to a beautiful vision of a yearly event I had. It has since built and strengthened a community of thousands of amazing people doing amazing things.

Three years ago, I mustered 3 seconds of insane courage to agree to a new life in New York City, with no job or apartment lined up, and never look back. A month later, and to this day, I have it all.

Last month, I mustered 8 seconds of insane courage on a mountain in Spain to acknowledge I was in danger as water pounded and swirled all around me, hang onto the rope, and give myself loving orders to: “do your best to live”. It took a long time to make my way out but here I am, alive and living.


Those things required courage because I was scared shitless. Every single time. But it occurred to me recently that I can be brave in increments as small as 20 seconds and still change my life, still “do my best to live”. How crazy is that ?

Lately, the question is on my mind all the time. What am I scared of right now and how many seconds of insane courage will I have to muster to face it ? What about you ? Imagine if we asked ourselves that every morning.

Quote from:
“We Bought a Zoo”
Photo from: Barcelona, Spain
Music: Buika x No habra nadie en el mundo


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  1. this is all a bit INSANE i must say! but it makes sense and puts things into perspective, like one of those, ‘will this still matter in 6 month’s time?’ kind of thoughts. there have been a few times (for some reason all mostly on amusement park rides) that I just think of the ride ending in a minute and it doesn’t scare me as much. it’s just a minute amongst the scale of things. haha I am going to try and think in 20-second increments now.


    • oh, that’s a great question too. a lot of questions are good to consider, i think. but maybe we don’t ask because we’re afraid of the answer. good luck on the 20 second increments !


    • aw, thanks kim ! my first award for this blog, i think. i hope i remember to pass it on. it will get a little chaotic in india !


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  3. There’s so much in life that this can be applied to…. You have deeply inspired me to continue to write my book to get it published no matter how scared I am of how it will turn out and try to live my life to the fullest


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